Emma Warren

Client Services & Clinic Manager

Emma comes from a background in administration and strives to make sure everyone is looked after and feels welcome. She brings to the clinic each day her cheerful nature and willingness to help each patient. Her aim is to ensure everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

Justin Graham

Senior Physiotherapist

Justin has 20 years of rehab experience with injured workers. With a special interest in lower limb mechanics, chronic pain and spinal injuries, he looks at the body holistically. No stone will be left unturned with Justin.

Adam Footit

Exercise Physiologist & Rehabilitation Specialist

Adam is a meticulous practitioner and advocate of hard work equals healing. Adam works steadfastly with his clients, motivating them to work their muscles back into shape to achieve pre desired outcomes. He does this with precision and balance.

Alicia Scarborough

Senior Physiotherapist

Alicia has been with the company for many years and in that time has honed her skills as a physiotherapist. With a special interest in the lower back, pelvis and pregnancy she is the person to go to for problems in these areas, although she is happy to treat any area and really enjoys the diversity her career brings.

Alicia loves learning treatment techniques and will not leave a stone un-turned as she searches for the right technique for each and every patient she sees.

As a busy mum of 2 small children, working and adult conversation is a much needed time out that brings a lot of joy and passion into Alicia's life.

Chang-Ming (Robert) Kang

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist

Dr Kang hails from Beijing, China. He obtained his medical degree in 1982 from a renowned medical school in China, where he received combined Chinese and Western medical higher education. He practiced TCM extensively in his homeland. Dr. Kang moved his family for a lifestyle change to Ontario, Canada where he worked as a successful practitioner for over a decade.

Fertility: Dr Kang has special interests in many conditions, however Fertility Treatment is very close to his heart. Working either with or without the aid of IVF or hormonal therapy, Dr Kang has a long history of increasing his clients' chances of falling pregnant. To be able to aid couples in their family planning is a satisfying experience.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Kang leading the TCM department.

Rey Racuyal

Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist

Rey is a local boy through and through. With an intense love of Basketball, he has worked with the Sydney Boomers and some of the biggest names in the game. He specialises in sports and remedial massage and has a cool approach to treatment. He will deliver on his goals and set you up for any good season or training regime. Rey is definitely firm but gets results every time!

Cameron Smith

Associate Physiotherapist

A recent graduate from Western Sydney University, Cameron is one of our newest physiotherapists to join the St Mary family.

A young and self-driven physio, Cameron takes a holistic approach to your treatment and will nurture you back to your old self.

Away from the clinic, Cameron loves to play soccer and train for half marathons. A relaxed and stress free person he can’t live without family, friends and of course, sport.

Emma Busby

Client Services Manager

Emma is a university student from Camden who loves spending her spare time with her beagle, Ralph, who she loves very much! She also enjoys visiting family and friends and generally being social. Emma has a very outgoing personality and is always up for a chat. She is a lovely friendly face to see in the clinic and will be sure to add a little bit of sunshine to your day.

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